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Book Store Domain Name for Sale – BkShelf.com

The book store, Bkshelf.com was originally registered in 1996. This domain name was originally built as a online book store based in Canada.

Used to search and order books, read highly opinionated reviews (including Fiction and non-fiction), magazine articles and reviews on the latest films.  The site also provided cafe and bistro menus as well as listings of events.  In 2001, the site was changed to a mall format providing links to used books, magazines and collectables on eBay and other bookstore chains.  The site went silent in 2004 until it was picked up and re-developed in 2016.  To be honest, the 2016 version of the site is in a foreign language and appears to be game oriented.

We attempted to re-develop the URL into an online bookstore again as an Amazon affiliate site.  While we’re only officially listing only the URL, everything has a price.  If you want to purchase the site as well, please send us a note via our Contact page.

This domain name is available and ready to be redeveloped.  With the proper amount of time and attention, this domain name has the potential to be deployed as a book store, blog or magazine site.


Bookselling in the United States (From Wikipedia)

The history of bookselling in the United States is of special interest. The Spanish settlements drew away from the old country much of its enterprise and best talent, and the presses of Mexico and other cities teemed with publications mostly of a religious character, but many others, especially linguistic and historical, were also published. Bookselling in the United States was of a somewhat later growth, although printing and bookselling was introduced into Cambridge, Massachusetts, as early as 1640 by Hezekiah Usher and by Usher in 1652 in Boston. Bookselling was happening in Philadelphia in 1685, and New York in 1693. Franklin had served to make the trade illustrious, yet few persons were engaged in it at the commencement of the 19th century. Books chiefly for scholars and libraries were imported from Europe; but after the War of 1812 printing-presses multiplied rapidly, and with the spread of newspapers and education there also arose a demand for books, and publishers set to work to secure the advantages offered by the wide field of English literature, the whole of which they had the liberty of reaping free of all cost beyond that of production. The works of Walter Scott, Lord Byron, Thomas Moore, Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and indeed of every author of note, were reprinted without the smallest payment to author or proprietor. Half the names of the authors in the so-called “American” catalogue of books printed between 1820 and 1852 are British. These titles were made available and affordable to the public. In consequence of the Civil War, the high price of labour, and the restrictive duties laid on in order to protect native industry, coupled with the frequent dealings with England, a great change took place, and American publishers and booksellers, while there was still no international copyright, made liberal offers for early sheets of new publications. Boston, New York and Philadelphia still retained their old supremacy as bookselling centres. Meanwhile, the distinct publishing business also grew, until gradually the conditions of business became assimilated to those of Europe


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