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Seeing the number 8888 in your life might suggest that your strong manifestation is coming true. The possibilities in your case maybe infinite. You may imagine your desired results to your current situation. You will need to make it real as you can in your mind, if you believe it, it will come true. You will be required to keep an open mind as the manifestations paths may not be just as you believed.

Sometimes a sign is just so obvious, like it is just begging you to notice it.  Its presence everywhere, is saying “Pick me, pick me!”  Coincidence after coincidence.  Last week it was like that for me with the number “8″.

I was walking my dog one evening and I noticed a beautiful metal fence gate.  It looked like several circles, but on closer inspection it was a jumble of crazy 8888’s.  I looked up and noticed that I was on 88th Avenue.  I went to bed and thought nothing more of it.

First thing the next morning, I opened my email to find an email from a friend with “8888″ in the subject line.  Shortly after that I was listening to the radio, and the announcer said “…and that was from episode 88…”.  Later I was flipping through a magazine and it fell open to a page which had a child climbing on a giant “8″ made out of tires.  Finally when my child looked up and asked me “Mommy, how do you draw an eight?”, I thought “Enough 8’s already! I’m paying attention!”

“8” had tried very hard to get my attention, so I decided to pay attention.  When a sign so obviously jumps out at me at least three times in the space of a day, I try to listen to what synchronicity is telling me.


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