What Exactly is a Scope App?

What is a Scope App? Think of “App” as in Application. Then a Scope App would be an application that runs in conjunction with a Microscope. A Scope App would be a highly brandable name used to promote and sell microscope related products. Scope Apps could be used to recognize, diagnose, store and retrieve information captured by a microscope or a scanner just like we saw Dr. "Bones" McCoy using on Star Trek. Every day aw-inspiring real innovative devices are created and related Scope [...]

Domain Name Marketplace

Domain Name Marketplaces Other than purchasing a domain name from, there are other domain name marketplace websites that might be a good option. for finding that perfect domain name.  Unfortunately, there really is no one website like an marketplace, so you’ll have to visit many domain name marketplaces to search and find the domain name of your choice. There are hundreds of websites that you can visit where you can buy a domain name.  The list below are some of the other [...]

Domain Valuation Tools

Domain Valuation Tools Domain Valuation is at the crux of any investment decision, whether that decision is buy, sell or hold and in order to be successful at valuing domain names, you’ll need to have a full complement of tools at your disposal.  You’ll also need to have a proper understanding of usage and limitations of those tools. There are a wide range of valuation tools available and knowing how to use the right tool for any given asset valuation scenario [...]

Post Spinning – A VERY Unique Way to Address all your Content Needs

Write-up Spinning - Software to Address all your Content Needs As I'm certain you recognize-- when you're aiming to obtain your website rated, you require a great deal of one-of-a-kind web content. You require posts for your very own site, to do your web link structure, from visitor blog writing to organizing an exclusive your very own blog site network, and also whatever else between! I could not potentially think of all the distinct web content I required or create [...]

Domain Value and the Art of the Deal

Domain Value and the Art of the Deal I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that my asking price or domain value is too high because of the size of their business or because of their plans for the domain name. It boggles my mind when some people then become rude simply because the price and value of the domain name is beyond their budget. I get a lot of inquiries on my domains for sale that [...]

Brandable Domain Names

Brandable domain names establish a distinct identity and indirectly evokes a specific ideas or impression.  Some brandable domain names, like Squidoo, are unique enough to not be found anywhere except in posts or blogs that mention that particular website. That means people who know the name of the website can easily use a search engine to find their way to that website. some sites make good use of this approach although, it may not be a significant source of traffic.  A unique [...]

Would you Believe it? Sold for $93,000 …

COCK .COM was purchased for $93,000 on 2016-08-09 at NameJet. NameBio also shows 201 sales that day totaling over $210,000 with an average sale price of $1,049.  If you compare that to the previous day you'll see an increase of 12% in the number of sales while the total dollar amount increased by 97%. Sedo also pulled in some nice sales - $16,000 - $4,500 - $4,000 - $3,200 - $3,001  

Six figure Domain Sale –

Six Figure Domain Sales By James Iles, Six figure domain sales are rare occurrences, but in the last couple of weeks, we've had reports of several high value sales from Uniregistry, China and a prolific .CO.UK buyer. Over the weekend, reports surfaced on Twitter of another high six figure sale, that was sold to a Chinese investor. The domain in question is the valuable three-letter NET.COM. The discovery of this sale is down to George Kirikos, an investor and President of Leap [...]

Choosing a Domain Name

Considerations for Choosing a Domain Name When choosing a domain name start with a name you’re going to be happy with because most likely, you will be stuck with that domain name for the rest of your websites life. You may decide to change your domain hosting provider depending on how reliable your current domain hosting provider is, but your website domain name will remain the same for the rest of its life. The reason I saying this that you [...]

Domain Name Sales are Back and Strong

Domain name sales prices are back on the move with some really big numbers from Uniregistry, Sedo, GetYourDomain along with a couple of private sales.  The especially interesting thing that in this weeks report is that Uniregistry has the very big presence we expected but the five biggest sales came from five other places.  This is a sign that things are going well on many fronts in the domain name sales aftermarket. - Check out the full report at DN Journal.